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IFCN Education & Research Scholarships

Deadline: March 31, 2019

The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) would like to remind you that the IFCN scholarship deadline is fast approaching. Scholarship applicants have until March 31, 2019 to apply for the six available scholarships, each for $25,000 USD – three for research and three for education.
Selection of the successful candidates will be made by the IFCN Executive Committee (ExCo). Applicants will be informed of the ExCo decision by May 15, 2019.
Please refer to the IFCN website for detailed instructions on how to apply.

Please send applications to the Secretariat of the IFCN via email at or mail or fax to:

IFCN Secretariat
c/o Venue West Conference Services Ltd.
301 – 1040 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 2R9
Fax: 1.604.681.2503